The First Open-Source Crypto Shop

Posted by The Mining King on 2018-02-27

Oh no!

I’ve got no place to spend my ether!

What’s a mining king to do?

Well, if you’re the kind of mining king who likes t-shirts, your prayers are answered!

Enter the world’s first open-source crypto shop!

This first version of the crypto-shopping-cart was built with one purpose in mind:

  1. Hoarding sweet, sweet ether!

This is only the first step in opening online trade to vendors and consumers who want to exchange cryptocurrencies for goods and services.

Building this shopping cart has been a challenging study in moulding user expectations already shaped by what is now the traditional checkout process.

There’s still much to be done…

  1. Smart contracts to deliver ether payment on confirmed postal delivery
  2. Tor-proofing
    1. Anonymous order messaging
    2. Maintaining shopping cart state without cookies

If you want to contribute or set up your own crypto shop, start here

All credit for the initial design and architecture go to Gabriele Romanato. Gabriele, you get half-price off any t-shirt in the Mining Shop!