Northland Mall's Broke-As-A-Joke Bitcoin ATM

Posted by The Mining King on 2018-04-19

NW Calgary’s Northland Village Mall has a Bitcoin ATM!

Who knew?

It takes cash. Too bad it’s broke.

Not broken… broke!

I put $20 CAD into the machine and it apologized for being out of Bitcoin!

It turns out it doesn’t take five or ten dollar bills either.

At the time of posting, the General Bytes Bitcoin ATM at Northland Mall is charging $11,433.99. Exorbitant in comparison to the popular crypto exchanges, which are generally hovering around $10,300.

Still, with the exchanges’ own exorbitant transfer fees, I prefer being able to just buy Bitcoin down at the mall. But, like the mall itself, the ATM is broke as a joke.

Update: 2018-4-20

I gave the ATM another try. It’s legit, but expensive. I put $80 CAD in the machine and ended up without about $65 worth of Bitcoin. This particular ATM has a $9 service charge and is selling at least $700 above common market rates.